Content Management


Content management in Dijon Platform is driven using the site templates. Dijon Platform automatically swaps app.js for edit.js which includes all the Javascript required for editing.

This is done using the includeAppJavascript template function. If your site build does not include this or you are not using the includeAppJavascript template function to output app.js it will not function as intended.

The WYSIWYG Editor allows its users to set content for the following:

  • Default content for the campaign (the is the default that is showed when you first view the editor)
  • Default content for the campaign & language
  • Default content for the campaign & country
  • Specific content for the campaign, language & country

The WYSIWYG Editor shows the content that would be displayed on the public website, however, it saves to the country and language selected in the toolbar.

Dijon Platform uses the Froola Editor. You can customise the styles and other settings of Froola with the site configuration option setFroalaEditorOptions.

Make sure you include the editing_info template function in templates you want to be editable using the WYSIWYG editor.

Include in your template

{% if editing() %}
<script type="application/javascript">
window.dijon = { editingData: {{ editing_info()|json_encode()|raw }}};
{% endif %}