Content Management


You can add a content managed totaliser to your templates using the totaliser template function.

{{ totaliser('totaliser', 'bar') }}

In our example, the totaliser template function accepts totaliser as the name parameter, bar as the type parameter. The totaliser template function also accepts a third parameter of the type array which supports the following keys:

Name Description Default
currency The currency to use for the totaliser GBP
header_format The format for the header <li>£%s</li>
data_format The format for the each item of data rendered <li></li><li></li>
start When to start the totaliser 0
step The monetary value of each step 25000
steps The number of steps in the totaliser 4
decimals The number of decimal places to show 0
currency_totaliser Is this a curreny totaliser 1
dec_point What to seperate decimals with .
thousands_sep What to seperate thousands with ,
offline_total The amount raised offline 0