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Embedded Form


It is simple to add an embedded form to your website. An embedded form allows you to include an entire Dijon Platform donation form and take payment as if it was hosted on your site.


1. Add script tag

Add the following to the bottom of your HTML page; just before </body>

Add this Javascript tag
<script src="https://embed.dijonplatform.com/embed.js"></script>

2. Add the div

Add the following to your page in the place where you want the embedded form to appear. You will need to populate data-url with a URL.

3. The URL

This can just be the URL of the donation form or alternatively you are able to specify an alternative template to use for the embedded form.

This allows you to use an alternative template for embeddeding which contains just the form. If the campaign URL you want to embed is https://donate.tous.org/es-es/donate-now and you want use the template "embed", use https://donate.tous.org/es-es/_/embed/donate-now

Add this div
<div class="iframe" id="DijonPlatformEmbedIframe" data-url="https://donate.tous.org/es-es/_/embed/donate-now"></div>

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