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Setting up a widget


Widgets are simply to add to your site. They show an inital form on your site homepage (or other page) followed by an popup form that appears once the Donate button is pressed.

The initial widget on your homepage

The widget on a homepage

Then a poup appears with the full form

The widget on a homepage


1. Add script tag

Add the following to the bottom of your HTML page; just before </body>

Add this Javascript tag
<script src="https://embed.dijonplatform.com/widget.js"></script>

2. Add the div

Add the following to your page in the place where you want the widget to appear. You will need to populate data-widget with the URL of the widget campaign and set data-embed to the URL of the embed campaign.

Add this div
<div class="iframe" id="DijonPlatformIframe" data-widget="" data-embed=""></div>

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